We are Mark & Debbie L. Titus, Owners of MAD SWEET HEAT.


We are a small family business who believes in producing a quality product for everyone to enjoy. In November 2014, with such positive feedback from family and friends, we decided to take our product public and on June 13th of 2015 we made our first retail sale.


We have been canning our "candied jalapenos" in excess of 15 years, tweaking the recipe until we believe we have come up with the perfect treat for any occasion and every imagination!


MAD SWEET HEAT uses all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no artificial coloring.  Our candied Jalapenos are produced by hand, running quality checks from washing to packing; ensuring the highest standards throughout our process.


The R&D team is constantly coming up with new ideas for the MAD SWEET HEAT line, research takes time and we want to get it right. We have a saying in our house, it's simple and it helps us persevere. This is what get's said... a lot, "Edison's first light bulb didn't work either"... 


We are an "Ohio Proud" company, and able to say our product is 100% processed in Ohio right down to the label.


A special heartfelt thanks to family and friends who have been involved in the journey of MAD SWEET HEAT. Thank you to all our loyal customers for your repeat business, and for sharing MSH with your family and friends.






























  "heat never tasted so sweet"

MSH ditty - Dylan
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